Scandal: Rep sets to probe new DG over missing $44m in NIA


The house of representative is set to probe the newly appointed Director-General, of National Intelligence Agency, NIA Mr. Rufai Abubakar following reports of the alleged disappearance of $44 million in care of the agency.











The House also resolved to investigate Abubakar’s competence and nationality, which came to bare after his appointment by President Muhammadu Buhari.

The plan was upshot to the consideration and adoption of a motion under matters of urgent titled “Need to investigate the alleged carting away of $44 million from NIA and the issues surrounding the appointment of its new DG”, sponsored by Hon. Diri Duonye (Bayelsa State).

While moving the motion, Hon. Diri Duonye stated ‘’the disappearance of the $44 million two days after the assumption of office of the new DG brought to mind the Ikoyigate scandal allegation against sacked former DG of the agency’’. He maintained that the manner of the appointment of the new NIA boss suggested a diminished reputation of the agency and painted a picture of insecurity in the eyes of Nigerians and the international community.

While expressing concerned over the issue surrounding the new DG, stating that it has become a subject of public speculation and controversy, he lamented that the NIA has again been visited by another scandal merely two days after assumption of office by the new DG.  “Aware that the nation is yet to recover from the shock of the Ikoyigate Safe House scandal involving $43.4 million, N23.2 million and 27, 800 pounds, the report of which is yet to be made public. Further, disturbed that the issues of controversy over the appointment and the cash scandals paints a poor picture of our national security and diminishes the reputation of the agency in the eyes of the Nigerian public and the international community”


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