“No One Has a Monopoly of Violence”, Fubara Warns LG Chairmen to Maintain Peace


Rivers State Governor Siminalayi Fubara has issued a stern warning to Local Government Chairmen in the state, urging them to maintain peace and avoid any form of violence.

Speaking at Egbeda community in Emohua local government area, Fubara reminded that the chairmen have a limited time in office and should comport themselves peacefully.

The governor’s warning comes after an incident on May 14, where suspected miscreants attacked some persons who attended the inauguration of the Aleto-Ogale-Ebubu-Eteo road project in Ebubu community, Eleme local government area. Fubara described the incident as “unacceptable” and “utterly needless.”

“Nobody has a monopoly of violence,” Fubara said. “I should even be the one who should come out and shout that I will do this and that. But I don’t need to do that because both sides (of the political divide) belong to me. I have taken an oath to protect all.”

Fubara also warned local government chairmen to be mindful of their actions, as they will be held accountable for any harm caused to citizens. “Let nobody deceive you; if you deliberately hurt anybody, because of expressing your useless support, nobody will forgive you. You will pay for it.”

The governor drew attention to the reality of life after office, stating that politics is only temporary, but the consequences of one’s actions can be long-lasting. “Politics will come, politics will go, but we will still live our lives.” he said.

Fubara also reassured the people of Rivers State that his administration is committed to peace and transparency, accounting for every kobo received, highlighting the Elele-Egbeda-Omoku road project, which will be funded with savings from the Internally Generated Revenue (IGR), as an example of his administration’s commitment to the state’s development.

“We will not just be like a tree seeing someone coming to cut it down, and won’t do anything. No, no no. We need to also protect ourselves lawfully.” He further said while stressing that his administration will strive to maintain peace, but it will not shy from defending itself lawfully.


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