Killings: Ejiga Advises FG to stop herdsmen activities


Former Adjutant General of the Nigerian Army, Major General Geoffrey Ejiga has warned that the malicious killing by marauding herdsmen is a threat to the continued unity and existence of the country.

General Ejiga, alerted that the development was disheartening and bothersome to many who gave all fighting for the unity of the country. He stated ‘’ there is nowhere in the world where emphasis is placed on cows over human lives’’

The retired General also appealed to Federal Government to stop the killings of Nigerians, stressing that the killing in Benue is unacceptable

In another development, former Minister of Interior, Mr. Abba Moro, urged Federal Government to take proactive measures towards ending the killings in Benue State. Abba Moro added that the primary responsibility of government at any level was to protect lives and properties of the citizens, “governments at all levels should always uphold that tenet. The former Minister affirmed he maintained that Benue state has contributed largely to the development of the Nigerian people as the food basket of the country.



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