Take responsibility, stop blaming others, Fayose tells Buhari



The Governor of Ekiti State, Ayodele Fayose, has criticised President Muhammadu Buhari over his New Year message to the nation.

Mr. Fayose asked the president to take responsibility and stop passing the buck to others.

In his broadcast, Mr. Buhari blamed lingering scarcity of petrol on those he said were involved in the “collective blackmail” of the country while vowing to get to root of the matter and punish those involved appropriately.

“Some of our compatriots chose this period to inflict severe hardship on us all by creating unnecessary fuel scarcity across the country and that …whatever groups that are behind this manipulated hardship will be prevented from doing so again,” Mr Buhari said.

But Mr. Fayose, a relentless critics of the president and member of the opposition Peoples Democratic Party, in an interview in Magodo, Lagos on Tuesday said Mr Buhari should stop blaming others for his failure and apologise to Nigerians.

“The president should rather take responsibility, apologise to Nigerians and stop blaming others for his failures because apologising when you are wrong is the hallmark of honest and sincere leaders,” Mr. Fayose said.

“What is wrong if he had said sorry to Nigerians who are at the receiving end of his bad policies? But in the case of President Buhari, he will always have someone to blame for his own failure.

“As a military Head of State, he blamed former President Shehu Shagari’s government. Since he assumed office, he has been blaming his predecessor. And now that he can’t provide fuel for Nigerians, despite claiming to have removed fuel subsidy, he is blaming some unknown Nigerians. When is he going to be man enough to stop his blame game?” Mr Fayose asked.

The governor said rather than blame people, Mr Buhari should have told Nigerians what is being done to stop the loss of millions of jobs, and the widespread killings across the country.

“Nigerians are tired of Buhari’s repetitive speeches and unfulfilled promises. Nigerians are crying that he should give them a responsive and competent cabinet.

“Nigerians want the president to create jobs for the suffering masses and make life more abundant for them.

“As at today, everything is wrong with Nigeria under President Buhari. The country is not secured. Look at the horrific and disheartening killings in Adamawa, Kaduna, Benue, Borno and Rivers States between yesterday and today. The President is totally not in charge of the country. The cabals only brief him and whatever they tell him is what he accepts. Nigerians want their president to take charge and stop buck passing.

“He should show to Nigerians that he is a changed president by bringing those looters in his government to book.

“President Buhari should gauge public opinion to see that the people are no longer with him. He should listen to Rev. Father Mbaka who used to be his supporter but has now been telling the truth of how disappointed and frustrated Nigerians are with him.

“People are only tolerating Buhari and counting days and times for them to shove him out of office in disgrace like Mbaka said.”

Mr. Fayose commended Nigerians for being resilient in the face of the mounting hardship. He said Nigerians should demand more from the government and pressure it to get good results.



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