Tackling Lagos gridlock dominates gubernatorial candidates debate


The governorship candidates’ debate organised by the The Platform in Lagos was dominated by the traffic menace with each candidate focusing on how to tackle.

The four candidates that attended the debate had varied opinions on how to move Lagos state forward, especially how to solve the menace of gridlocks.

They are Mr Bababatunde Badamosi, candidate of Action Democratic Party; Babajide Sanwo-Olu of All Progressives Congress; Mr Jimi Agbaje of Peoples Democratic Party; and Owolabi Salis of the Alliance for Democracy.

They also spoke on other issues, including power, educational and health.

They agreed that technology could play key role in driving the process of transformation the metropolis.

Badamosi said the traffic nightmare that Lagosians have contended with for years can be solved by focusing on three things – rail transport, use of barges and devolution of powers.

“There are a number of ways to tackle this problem. The most obvious one is rail. Secondly, barges to lift containers from the actual wharfs and take them to lighter terminals all around Lagos, and, thirdly, devolution of powers. It’s time we started this discussion about the devolution of power.”

Agbaje said the key is to “get the local governments working again” adding that the grassroots play a great roll in making state function optimally.

Agbaje said planning ahead is crucial if Lagos must overcome its problem with traffic jam.

He said town planning is very important in addressing the issue of gridlocks in Lagos.

“The idea is to have even development across Lagos state so that you are having less of movement from one end of Lagos to the other,” the pharmacist said.

Sanwo-Olu on his part promised to tackle the problem of traffic jams if elected into office.

The APC candidate vowed to make the gridlock in the Apapa axis of the state a thing of the past in less than four months.

“First on the list, I will tackle the traffic problem of Lagos frontally,” Sanwo-Olu said during ‘The Platform’s debate which held on Sunday in Lagos.

Also speaking on the traffic congestion in the state, Mr Owolabi Salis said he will revive the train system which has been “abandoned for 15years by the FG” adding that the government is not paying the necessary attention.


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