Democracy Day : ‘I am committed to a new Nigeria’- Peter Obi


Presidential candidate of the Labour Party,Peter Obi has said , that he is committed to and positive about a new Nigeria.

In his tweet earlier today, the face of the obident movement, reflected on the significance of democracy Day, June 12 as an historical moment in Nigerian politics, which according to him ‘underpins’ Nigeria’s long collective journey to nationhood as a true democracy.

Reflecting on the state of Nigerian politics, Obi said that “the current state of our politics tells a different story . Our democracy is deeply troubled while our nation’s destiny remains uncertain and precarious. We remain a nation in search of solutions to too many basic problems.

“One of these is the search for a credible electoral system that would command the trust, confidence and belief of ALL Nigerians just like June 12 did. We should, therefore, use the commemoration of June 12 as an occasion to return to the true virtues of a truly democratic

Peter Obi, who, according to the results of the 2023 general elections was a third runner up, noted that What is lacking in Nigeria are ‘selfless leaders who are committed to national interest, sustainable development and innovative thinking that offers every Nigerian irrespective of ethnicity, religion or social strata, the freedom of choice of abode, and protection lives, property and ordered liberties.

While he stressed that these aspirations are real and achievable, he went on to promise remain committed to fighting for a ‘New Nigeria ‘


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