Palestine considers legal option against Israel, U.S.


Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad Maliki has said Palestine would take legal action in case Israel and the U.S. choose to derail negotiations on Israel and Palestine settlement.

Palestine has been seeking a new format of peace talks with broader mediator participation since refusing to let the U.S. remain the sole main mediator following the latter’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Maliki disclosed that Palestine has signed over 100 international conventions and agreements containing certain conditions on how member states could act.

According to Maliki, ”Palestine may ask the International Criminal Court (ICC) to investigate Israel’s settlement activities in the West Bank; go to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) or courts within different countries to hold Israel accountable for its actions”.

He stated that Palestinian government does not intend to self-dissolve and hand control of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip to Israel.

Meanwhile, Nabil Shaath, the foreign affairs adviser of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, had advised the president against the option of dissolving the administration of the autonomy and letting Israel bear the full brunt of running the occupied West Bank.

Commenting on Shaath’s words, the foreign minister stressed that the advice refers to the mood of some in the administration who are dissatisfied with the fact that Israel continues to occupy the West Bank but does not pay any of the costs as she refused to move closer to the two-state solution.

According to him, the discussion is making round within the Palestinian circles to give back Israel full responsibilities of her occupation so that she can face all the financial and others security challenges.

He maintained that the major objective of the Palestinian government is to move forward and also declare a full-fledged Palestinian state.










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