Nigerian Man Swims the Length of Third Mainland Bridge in Lagos to Raise Mental Health Awareness


Akinrodoye Dare, a Nigerian man, achieved an extraordinary feat on Saturday by swimming the entire length of the Third Mainland Bridge in Lagos. Dare’s remarkable feat, completed in just two hours and 33 minutes, covered a distance of 11.8 kilometers.

Beyond being a physical challenge, Dare said the swim served as a statement to raise awareness about mental health issues, particularly suicide and depression. Known as Coach Akinrodoye, he embarked on this mission with a purpose to sensitize the public about these critical issues.

Dare, who has over a decade of experience in swimming, says he views it not just as a physical activity but as a symbol of resilience and possibility. He believes that swimming symbolizes the idea that one can achieve anything they set their mind to.

His swim was conducted with precautionary measures in place, including a standby floating clinic, to ensure his safety throughout the journey.

In a message to those battling mental health challenges, Dare said that seeking help and staying hopeful is important to navigate successfully. He reminded individuals facing similar struggles that they are not alone and that there is always the possibility of a better tomorrow.

Through his inspiring feat, Akinrodoye Dare hopes to encourage others to confront mental health issues openly and seek the support they need for a brighter future.


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