NBA Decries Alarming State of Insecurity, Charges FG to declare State of Emergency


While urging for decisive action from President Tinubu, The President of the Nigeria Bar Association (NBA), Yakubu Maikyau (SAN) on Wednesday called on the presidency to declare state of emergency on account of insecurity and worsened economic conditions.

Maikyau who stated this a a press briefing in Abuja on Wednesday said all criminal activities by local and allegedly foreign bandits are “inexcusable and unacceptable” adding that the “entire country is under siege.”

“Nigerians need a well thought-out, informed, all-inclusive and purposeful intervention” on security with maximum public information, he said

Stating further that the NBA worries some Nigerians have lost, and many more are fast losing confidence in the Federal Government’s ability to deal with the nagging insecurity situation, Maikyau calls for quick, proactive security measures to address the issue.

Following talks that some of the terrorists perpetrating evil are foreign nationals-according to him- he questioned the brazen guts with which some terrorists boasts of controlling Nigerian territory, posting such on social media.

In his words “these criminal elements go on to boldly record and send out videos on social media platforms boasting about their strongholds with the territory of the Nigerian state and suffer no consequence for so doing, then there is more to it than meets the eye, and Nigerians need to be better informed of the nature of the insecurity. The entire nation is swimming in the pool of the blood of its citizens and we seem to have become numb to it and insensitive to the bloodletting in this country”

Criticising key policy makers for being too relaxed on the matter he said “those entrusted with the responsibility to drive and implement government policies appear to be content with the false sense of security created by the high walls around them and the few arms-bearing security personnel who keep vigil over them. We must reverse the trend”

While he adds Nigeria’s ailing economy, the bastardized value of naira and skyrocketing prices of goods to the list of nagging challenges, the NBA chief urged emergency action so citizens “do not lose complete confidence” in authorities’ ability to revive the economy and stem a “monumental failure.”

He charged President Tinubu to publicly let Nigerians in on his plans to revamp the economy. This he argues, will help restore some confidence and calm to Nigerians

Maikyau also said he wrote to Tinubu regarding this matter and hopes for a receptive consideration with decisive steps to help stabilize Nigeria’s “dwindling” economy, and address the insecurity.


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