Constitution Amendment : Lawmakers Seek to Adopt Parliamentary System of Government by 2031


A group of 60 House members on Wednesday introduced a bill to replace Nigeria’s presidential system with a parliamentary model by the year 2031.

Led by Rep. Abdulsamad Dasuki, the Parliamentary Group aired their frustrations over the expensive presidential system and excessive presidential power during a briefing at the House Press Center, yesterday

Despite repeated constitutional amendments that aim to address shortcomings in the constitution, the presidential structure’s inadequacies have become evident, Dasuki stated.

He further Cited the high governance costs leaving minimal funds for critical areas like education, health care and infrastructure. This, he said, has thus hindered progress and national development.

“The bill presented today seek a return to the accountable and less expensive parliamentary system of our founding fathers,” Dasuki said.

Under parliamentarianism, the legislature selects a Prime Minister overseeing government operations rather than direct elections in the presidential system. Ministerial appointments also come from the parliament, meaning that there will be no clear separation of power among the executive and legislatiure.

Nigeria employed a parliamentary framework during the First Republic, which was truncated following the Military coup of January 15, 1966. The 1979 constitution later restored a presidential model in the Second Republic.

To Pass this amendment bill, the president needs to assent per the constitution. However, the National Assembly can override if declined assent, provided they get a vote by two-thirds of the entire house

More details to follow…


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