Mentees of the Bolaji Abdullahi Mentorship Programme on Wednesday donated over 500 face masks to Ilorin residents as part of the Programme’s community service and social impact project.

The social impact project which was titled COVID-19 Public Advisory Sensitisation and Awareness is the first in the series of other social impact projects that are designed to imbibe in mentees the spirit of community and collective impact.

The Public Advisory Sensitisation was adopted in the light of COVID-19 second wave, to raise awareness on safety guidelines, protocols and the need for everyone to take responsibility.

At the Challenge and Post Office Area of Ilorin, Mentees sensitised people on important COVID-19 protocols, particularly the consistent and proper use of face masks and physical distancing.

The team lead of the Project, who is also one of the mentees, Mutiat Mustapha described the outreach as most impactful. She said they were able to speak with more than 500 people on the proper use of face masks to minimize and slow the spread of the virus.

“Everyone that we interacted with, we made them understand that to minimise the spread of COVID-19 everyone must take responsibility; and that how soon we are able to return to our normal lives depend on the role that we all play as individuals by wearing facemasks, adopt social distancing and maintaining healthy hygiene,” She said

Bolaji Abdullahi Mentorship Programme is an organized and structured platform for young people to learn, engage and share from the knowledge and experience of Bolaji Abdullahi and other notable Nigerians who share his belief that development thrust must be anchored on young people as the driver and key architect.

The Programme is Nigeria’s foremost leadership mentorship programme, which is dedicated to raising a generation of thought leaders, impact makers and global thinkers.

Source:Factual Times


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