Video: How Cultism is gradually slipping in among teenagers


*Please click on the link below to watch video

Once in Nigerian institutions, the complain was about the prevalence of cultism and violence among youths but now, it has seeped into primary schools among teenagers.

In a video making rounds on the social media, some teenage students between ages eight to fifteen who had initiation marks “snake bites” and were members of a cult group. According to the video, the gangs can inflict harm or retaliation on people who offended any of the members. 

What is responsible for these awful developments ? The basic institutions in our society is first, the family and it is the foundation that shape young people before other institutions. It is not enough to provide necessities for children’s survival, it is eve more vital to follow up a child’s social and moral development by close monitoring and effective parenting practices. 

What information are they exposed to on the internet ? Who are they friends? When they start out with funny characters, what steps are taken to immediately nip it in the bud ? 

The fragile state of the Nigerian society, awash with uncensored and vulgar information readily available to young minds is an issue that must be addressed by all concerned parties. School proprietors, owners, concerned heads and bodies in the academia sector, especially the ministry of education should look into more tightening measures to sweep out whiff of cultism in our schools at all levels.


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