Video: Oyoyo Baba ! Buhari Arrives Daura, Katsina.


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Shouts of ‘Oyoyo Baba’ by the thrilled crowd to welcome Former President, Mohammadu Buhari who assumed office in 2015 as he finally retires to his hometown in Daura,Katsina State attest the fact that truly, there’s no place as home. I recall similar shouts when Buhari was elected president in 2015 after flooring the incumbent, Good luck Jonathan. The question is, what has been accomplished in the space of 8 years ? 

Such warm welcome accorded the Former President, is probably owing to the multi billion Naira projects Buhari commissioned in his state during his administration. In a space of eight years, his administration saw the construction of two of the three multi billion Naira underpass bridge at Kofar Laura and Kofar kwaya, The remodelling of Katsina General hospital, the  building of New Katsina Revenue House, the establishment of Katsina metrological institute of Nigeria, Darma Rice Mill and other projects the state has benefited through his administration. 

While some Nigerians frown at the downward slide of Nigeria in it’s economy, Security, high unemployment rate and it’s ugly national debt profile under his administration, 80 year old Buhari seems to have had his fill of Nigerian politics having served as a Military head of State in Nigeria from 1983 to 1985 and as a president since 2015. Buhari can now attend to his ‘cows’ as he once said ‘jocularly’

The Buhari-led administration however, was not without impact in areas like railway transportation, Roads, Ports and Housing amongst others. For  the People of Daura, it is Oyoyo baba’ which translates to ‘Welcome father’, but for Nigerian presidency, it is a permanent goodbye to Former Mr President and a look to future prospects in the new administration.


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