The Alter Date: Quintessential movie for up-to-date Nigerians


The newly launches movie, The Alter Date is really making waves in Nigeria now with its level of acceptance and assessment by the viewing public.

The movie no doubt is approaching the Zenith of bestselling in Nigeria especially with the large turnout of viewers at the several cinemas in major Nigerian cities.

Some of the viewers at major cinemas in Lagos fielded questions from FirstNigeriaNews and the following are the outcomes:

I was so carried away by the movie to the extent that when it ended, I couldn’t believe I could be so trapped at a point for close to three hours. Luckily, I attended it with my fiance and I’m sure we both learned lessons from it- Dupe Akinyotu.

For me, the movie was a very good one, a piece of work that is destined to compete with and even outwit a good number of Nigerian movies, especially the ones that were not professionally produced and handledFeyi Ogunseitan.

Oh, I found the movie highly romantic and educative at the same time. I also got to learn by it that nobody can have a monopoly of wisdom and tricks in a love relationship- Tunde Ajobiewe.

I’m coming back with my boyfriend to watch this again so that he can learn how to be faithful in our relationship- Tundun Fiwagboye.

Wow, i confirmed it to be a block buster as I was initially told by my friend who watched it at the private screening initially held at Silverbird Ikeja ShopRite- Theophilus Uranta.

The movie is great and expected to hit the roof but my only fear is on the readiness of the owner to ensure barricade against pirates and other criminalsDr Chris Asemota.

Forget about anything else, this movie beats any Nigerian movie I have ever seen in terms of quality, content and production. Kudos to Mrs Yemisi Banjoko- Ogunyemi for letting us have thisFunsho Okunribido.

This movie is sure one of those that will wipe off the nonsense we have been watching in Nigeria and we shall ensure it comes tops asapAnonymous.

Hearty congratulations to Mrs Yemisi Banjoko-Ogunyemi and her entire crew for this beautiful production. I had trusted it would be great to watch when I saw the solid actors/actresses featuredBarrister Femi Akiode.

Take this movie anywhere in the world, men, it is classy and a sight to behold- Kunle Famoriyo .


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