Suicidal: How woman who threatened to kill self, two-year-old son was rescued in Anambra


Residents of Awka in Anambra State Monday evening rescued a 27-year-old woman who dropped a suicide note threatening to kill herself, DAILY POST reports.

The woman, who goes by the name: Praise Eberechi Eze had posted on Facebook, saying she would kill herself and her two-year-old son.

A source said Praise has been in an abusive marriage and had thrice returned to her parents who sent her back, asking her to go back and make her marriage work.

Narrating her ordeal on her Facebook timeline, Eberechi wrote in April this year, “We live in a society where no one cares. You live in an abusive marriage, no one care. Society, friends and relatives.

“They tell you to pray and endure while the assault is on the increase. You pack home and they tell you to go back and make your family work. Verbal abuse increase, you are called bad wife, bastard, you smell awful, you feel you made a 2.1 in school, come and get money for clearance.

“When family fails you because you are married, you damn the consequence, take a life and serve the jail term.”

A source said the last paragraph of her post may have been meant her suspected ploy to murder her husband, but later opted to take her own life and that of her son.

On Monday morning, Eberechi reportedly dropped a suicide note which read, “Soon I will die, and in will take my little man along. I won’t leave him to the suffering of verbal abuse, we will go to a place where there is peace unlimited. When I die, don’t write an epistle for me. When I die, I should be buried in my father’s house to avoid havoc. When I die, don’t cry, cos all is well in life and death.”

DAILY POST learnt that she deleted the post minutes after, triggering fears that she may have gone away to harm herself, and refused to take calls from friends.

Facebook users who had earlier made screenshots of her post sent it out, asking for help for her, until late Monday night when DAILY POST learnt she was tracked to a primary health centre in Okpuno in Awka, where some residents who rescued her had taken her for treatment.

A Facebook user, Cynthia Raphaels, who first spread the post, stated in a subsequent post that she had been tracked down to the health centre, and had detailed two female volunteers to keep an eye on her.

As at the time of filing this report, DAILY POST was still scouting for the said lady, who some Anambra residents have promised to help rehabilitate.

Source: Daily post.


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