See why’ Abuja Restaurant threatens to sue Hilda Baci


Vibe by Ann’s, a restaurant in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), has threatened to sue chef Hilda Baci, Guinness World record holder,for withdrawing from a planned meet-and-greet deal.

According to the restaurant, the gathering was supposed to involve live cooking and would have taken place in Abuja on June 24, before Baci’s withdrawal from it. Hilda has since received backlash from the social media when reports emerged that attendees would be charged N25,000 for the opportunity to meet the chef.

However, Hilda Baci, in a response, denied having anything to do with the event. The restaurant claims that her denial has negatively affected its brand and has issued a statement about Baci’s withdrawal and denial of the arrangement.

We regret to inform you that the highly anticipated event, scheduled to take place on 24th June has been cancelled,” the statement reads.

“Arrangements for this event were already concluded, as both parties agreed to put out publications for the event, after advanced payment was made to miss Hilda Bassey.

“However, Hilda Bassey suddenly denied publicly having any prior knowledge of the event.

“Her conduct has negatively affected our reputation as a brand. Consequently, we are taking all necessary legal steps, towards ensuring that justice is seen to have been done on this matter”

Our team has been working tirelessly to explore all possible alternatives to ensure the event could proceed as planned but unfortunately we are left with no viable options but to take the steps enumerated herein.” The statement reads.

Hilda Baci, at the moment,is yet to react to the statement issued.


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