Ruling party ANC plans to remove Zuma


South Africa’s ruling party, African National Congress ANC has determined to remove Jacob Zuma as head of state after he refused to resign and reportedly demanded three months more in office.

The party made the decision after a powerful 107 member national executive committee (NEC) met for 13 hours at St, George’s hotel, Irene, outside Pretoria and decided to “recall” Zuma from his job as national president.

According to report, ”ANC chief Cyril Ramaphosa left the meeting and ran late into the night to meet Zuma at his official Pretoria residence. His motorcade was seen returning to the venue of the party meeting at midnight after about four hours the meeting had closed”.

Ramaphosa, the de-facto president-in-waiting, had been in negotiations with Zuma who rejected an earlier request from party leaders to step down more than a week ago.

A report also says the stalemate around Zuma’s future plunged South Africa into political uncertainty over who is running the country, with a series of public events canceled including the keynote annual State of the Nation address to parliament.

Meanwhile, the parliamentary speaker had earlier announced that an opposition request for a vote of no-confidence against Zuma was still being considered.




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