ODSG Suspends Civil Servant For Spreading Rumor About Death Of Akeredolu


Ondo state government has suspended a civil servant for reportedly spreading fake news on Facebook about the death of the governor, Rotimi Akeredolu.

Head of Service, Pastor John Adeyemo who did not disclose the Identity of the civil servant said in Akure that “the disciplinary measure was based on the death rumour about the Governor.

Adeyemo said the civil servant in question has been suspended for posting the fake news on his Facebook page and his name forwarded to the Civil Service Commission for appropriate punishment.

Adeyemo however expressed his joy as the governor returned back safely to the state.

In response to the rumor Akeredolu said “I left the shores of this country on the March 27, 2022. I was with my party, I was physically present, I was there until the early hours of 27th March, 2022.

“Throughout 26th, I was at the convention of the APC in Abuja and everybody saw me there. I even sat with delegates from Ondo State.

” I never left them except when I left to greet delegates from South West and other areas. And it was a successful outing for us in Ondo State and for South West as well.

“And the second day, I left for Dubai, we had the annual investment meeting, which is Dubai Annual meeting and we were all there.

“So many Governors, about 13 of us were there. I went principally in respect of our Port Ondo because it was during the previous year that we had a relationship, and with the relationship with Dubai Port, I wanted to solidify.

“It was not a pleasant vacation, my vacation started on first but from 27th March 2022 it was a working visit to Dubai, I was still working, so my first 14 days did not start until 1st of April, 2022.

Akeredolu added that ” I was in Dubai working about the State. About 14 States participated and each State has its stand, and I displayed what we have in Ondo State, our Bitumen, and our Mineral resources. I attended other fora to discuss and project the image of Ondo State”.


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