NSC Debunks Border opening News, cautions Nigerians


The Nigeria Customs Service (NSC) has urged Nigerians not to believe reports that the country has opened its borders. Reacting to a video that has been shared on social media showcasing the supposed border as false.

The National Public Relations Officer at the NSC, Chief Superintendent of Customs, Abdullahi Maiwada, said that the video was intended to mislead Nigerians and should not be taken seriously. Speaking during a live broadcast on Human Rights Radio Brekete Family Show in Abuja on Tuesday, Maiwada encouraged Nigerians to rely on credible news channels.

However, the PRO clarified that several borders, including Idiroko and other selected approved borders, had been opened for legitimate trade for over a year. Only the borders in the northeastern part of the country still remain closed due to security issues. Maiwada explained that the NSC plays a vital role in the country’s national development as it generates revenue and curbs smuggling.

Maiwada also praised the leadership of Col. Hameed Ali (rtd) CFR, the Comptroller-General of Customs, for the measures he has put in place to restructure and modernize the NSC. The Nigeria Customs Service Act 2023 has replaced a decades-old law, and the recruitment process has become more transparent.

Also, automation and technology have allowed for the introduction of new initiatives such as Fast-Track 2.0, which enables compliant traders to have their goods processed more efficiently. According to Maiwada, the NSC is committed to embracing modern systems and procedures to facilitate trade while maintaining security.


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