Ballard Partners: Lai Mohammed appointed as Managing partner of Nigeria branch, first in Africa


Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the former Minister of Information and Culture, has been made Managing Partner of the first office of Ballard Partners in Africa.

Ballard Partners, an international company dealing with governmental and public affairs in America, Europe and Asia, according to a statement issued on Wednesday in Abuja, said Mohammed will be in charge of their newly opened Abuja branch, as well as their satellite office in Lagos.

According to Brian Ballard, the founder and President of Ballard Partners, they decided to open their first African office in Nigeria to spread their global reach to three continents. The purpose is to expand the work they have already done in Africa and the US on behalf of African nations and companies. Ballard noted that Mohammed, with his reputation and experience in public service, will be a valuable asset to the company.

Since the establishment of Nigeria’s fourth republic in 1999, Mohammed has played significant roles in the country’s political life, previously working as Chief of Staff to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu when he was Lagos State’s Governor. Furthermore, he acted as the national spokesperson for the Opposition party for over a decade (2005-2015). He also ran as a candidate for the Governorship of Kwara State in the 2003 General Elections.

On accepting the international job offer, Mohammed said, “The opportunities in Nigeria are substantial, and I look forward to helping the firm’s clients reach their objectives.” The former Minister also mentioned that Ballard Partners is recognized for its success in representing African countries and American firms in Africa, and he is proud of joining such a reputable firm internationally.


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