NANNM decries continuous heading of teaching hospitals in Nigeria by doctors


The National Association of Nigerian Nurses and Midwives (NANNM) have decried the continuous heading of the University of Calabar Teaching Hospital (UCTH) by Medical Doctors.

A nursing Educator, Hon Joe Bisong who regretted the continuous heading of teaching hospital by Medical Doctors told DAILY POST in Calabar that the development was unfortunate.

“We advocate that teaching hospitals should have trained administrators to manage the hospital administratively. When it comes to professional responsibilities, the Deans and Consultants of various departments should head their department.

“But, when it comes to administration, the hospital should be headed by the administrators. So, if they allow the head of the establishment to be headed by any other profession, a nurse should be allowed to grow to head teaching hospitals too.

“The monopoly of that office by the Doctors is not accepted by us. The medical Doctors think they should be the only ones that should head the administrative units of the teaching hospital.

He said that the general perception was that, when you get to a hospital, it is not only a nurse that you will see, No, there are several professional bodies that work in a therapeutic milieu, so we cannot expect one professional body, the Doctors to continued heading the teaching hospitals.

“The nurse is a nursing staff that is working in a hospital community and should also benefit from the big office of CMD,” he stated.


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