Innovention series’11: Verdant Zeal holds talk on the future of Africa’s Creative Industries in the era of AI


Marketing Communication Consultancy, Verdant zeal, in its eleventh series of innovention, seek to chart the course of development in Africa’s creative industry through the potentials of Artificial Intelligence.

The seminar tagged ‘Future of Africa’s Creative Industries In the Era of Artificial Intelligence’, highlights the unavoidable role AI plays in complementing the creativity of artists while making their works easy and the need to see AI as an enabler for their work and not a competitor.

In his keynote speech, Principal Partner, Cubed Integrated Marketing Consultancy, Dr David Abodunrin, warns on the heavy Investments of first world tech corporations and industries in the utility of Artificial Intelligence in revolutionised production, digital creation, security and the likelihood of Africa being left behind

He noted the reality of Africa’s public discourse which centers around corruption, good roads, water, when they should be talking satellites, space and innovative technology as first world nations are doing. While talks around ethical and regulatory concerns with AI like piracy, data security, deep fakes remain, the talk looks into how Africa can harness the power of AI while keeping to its unique culture

According to Abodunrin, AI is busting all existing myths and early notions regarding it. Ideas that AI can not have feelings, is being debunked, as machines are being taught emotions. The machines can simulate complex processes through deep learning and can be used to solve real life problems.

While he noted that the creative industry in Africa has it’s strong suit in production, he shared that distribution is where the money is and the issue in Africa is that there are enough creatives capacity without distribution, hence the need to hone creativity while utilising AI in the production and distribution leg. The event advocates for Africa to own it’s own AI code that will reflects it’s identity.

In her contributions to the discussion, Veteran actress, Joke Silva said that Artificial Intelligence will be instrumental in security and tracking trafficking activities. This she says, can be possible through the use of data to identify anomalies and bridge the gaps in security.

CEO, Golden effects pictures and Nollywood actor, Kunle Afolayan, however highlights concerns regarding originality and the tendency for replacing value added to tasks and the unique inputs that reflects humanity.


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