FirstNigeriaTV grants Nigerians interviews in ‘tell us your story’ campaign, advocates for silenced voices


FirstNigeriaTV has launched an awareness and advocacy campaign for its audience across in Nigeria and across the globe, to share their story on its global platform.

The campaign, tagged ‘tell us your story’ is set majorly to give a voice to the oppressed who suffer abuse, trauma and challenges in their daily lives, with the aim of projecting their stories to the tables that matter and allowing for quick redress.

Its objectives are also to share the story of unique individuals in rural Nigeria who survive through economic hardship while struggling to earn a living in a devastated economy and celebrate people who have performed meritoriously in their corner of the world by impacting their immediate communities.

As a result, the media network calls on members of the public who have an experience to share, challenges in their immediate communities and their true life stories that they want to air to the world, for closure or help to speak up and speak out with its one-of-a-kind campaign.

Individuals harbouring ideas, inventions and innovations that they seek platforms to share with the world are also invited to reach out directly with FirtstNigeriaTV as the campaign commits to projecting them to the world and allowing for connection with help from potential investors.

Communications’ Specialist and Founder, FirstNigeriaTV, Ojomo, Olusegun Adebambo in an interview, said that the media house, apart from reporting duties as a news agency, believes in using its global platform to help connect the vulnerable with sources, international agencies and philanthropic bodies who are better positioned to help, particularly in the face of global economic depression.

While he harped on the importance of serving humanity in a little ways possible, he shared a recent intervention by FirtstNigeriaTV that helped connect one of its audience with help in her moment of need.
“We had the opportunity of doing that for a woman who more or less has a spinal cord injury that led to her incapacitation, where we came in and FirtstNigeriaTV interviewed her, made a story on her condition

“Through that one publication, one of her very old mates, far away in the US saw the publication, her photograph and called us to meet with the woman. We were able to link him up and she was able to get a huge sum for the operation”, he said.

The campaign, which starts October 2023, looks forward to telling the story of Nigerians and beyond with the aim of making a difference.
Raising voices where there are none.

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