Democracy Day:Nigeria majorly challenged by oppression and impunity- Saraki


The Senate President, Dr Bukola Saraki, has identified oppression and impunity as part of the major challenges facing Nigeria.

He disclosed this on Tuesday in a series of tweets to commemorate the annual May 29 Democracy Day celebration in the country.

“These are significant challenges we face, but with our current combined efforts, I believe that we will bring greater development to the country,” he tweeted.

“These include abuse of office in a manner that suggests persecution and oppression of perceived enemies, stifling of free expression, undermining of democratic institutions, and impunity on the part of certain individuals who behave as though they are above the laws of the land.

“Today, uppermost in the minds of Nigerians is the question of insecurity. We must immediately find solutions to the security issues and ensure that we return to the regime of peace, safety of lives and property in all parts of our country.”

Saraki warned Nigerians, especially those in public offices that history would not be fair to them if they allow their complacency to jeopardise democracy and asked them to speak out with strong voices on issues that constitute a danger to the nation’s democracy.

Saraki, on his part, promised that he would continue to advocate building up of Nigeria’s institutions while upholding ethics and values.

“Above all, we must work for greater and better understanding among all Nigerians. We must avoid making and circulating hate speech which can further accentuate our fault lines and set one section of the country against the other.

“We all have a lot to gain from a united and stronger Nigeria than having a nation embedded in conflict. Let us all focus on the things that bring us together,” he said.


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