Buhari’s Visit: Commuters groan over Lagos lockdown


Major routes leading to Muritala Muhammad International Airport, Lagos, were blocked on Thursday morning for President Muhammadu Buhari’s visit.

The action caused pain to travellers and commuter, with some walking about two kilometres to get to the airport so as not to miss their flight and others trekking to work.

Nigerians took to social media to register their pains about the situation.

One of the, Toyosi Akerele-Ogunsiji, Founder, Risenetworks tweeted:

“This is Nigeria.

Blessed with the brightest Citizens yet the most thoughtless Leaders.

These are Nigerians – Trekking to work. Stranded on Roadsides waiting for Buses.

Lagos – The 5th Largest economy is on lock down because a non-performing President is in Town for Fanfare.”

Similarly, when a PREMIUM TIMES reporter got to the General Hospital Ikeja at 5 a.m., dozens of armed police officers laid siege at Olowu bus stop to stop cars from moving.

Some passengers who spoke with described the action an act of infringement on people’s right.

“Is this the change we voted for?” said Kabir who kept walking fast while talking saying he did not want to miss his flight.

“This is not funny again, how can they shut the whole place down when the president’s flight is 11:30 a.m., this is wrong,” said Beauty, another passenger.

Samj Ehigiamusoe, a passenger flying from Lagos to Abuja, also condemned the situation.

“How can Lagos State Government decide to lose money because a president is coming and how can a president allow his people suffer like this,” Mr ehigiamusoe

Meanwhile Roseline Oguh who is traveling from Lagos to Uyo said the hardship is unbearable.

“This is not palatable at all,” she said after arriving the airport. ” I left my house 4 a.m., but trust Nigerians, they will always find a way around it,” she said.


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