Youth-led NGO launch performance tracker ‘BAT-O-Meter to track Tinubu’s Performance


AdvoKC, a youth-led non-governmental organization, has launched the “BAT-O-Meter” to track the performance of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s newly inaugurated administration.

With an aim to achieve transparency and accountability by monitoring the President’s fulfillment of 100 key commitments over the next four years, the metric was introduced to keep Nigerians aware of the current administration’s work.

The NGO will use both physical tracking and the Freedom of Information Act to follow up on the existence of information on government agencies and parastatals. They will publish periodic reports on their discoveries on government performance. “We have a responsibility to hold our leaders accountable and empower every Nigerian to participate in governance,” said the organization.

“We are thrilled to announce the launch of AdvoKC’s BAT-O-Meter! As Chief Bola Ahmed Tinubu takes the oath of office today, we embark on a journey to track and advocate for the 100 most important promises made by our new President for the betterment of Nigeria,” the statement said.

The 100 promises cover education, healthcare, infrastructure, employment, security, and more. The BAT-O-Meter will provide real-time updates and ratings that show whether the official is making progress towards fulfilling the promises.

The organization defines a promise as a prospective statement of an action or outcome that is verifiable. Each promise lists the source, and the tracking team will use the Politifact style of rating that has six levels. The first three provide a broad picture of whether the official is making progress, and the final three indicate whether they kept the promise.

Every promise begins at the first level and retains this rating until evidence of progress is seen, or evidence that the promise has stalled. The “IN THE WORKS” rating indicates a proposed promise or a consideration.

AdvoKC encourages Nigerians to join the movement for transparency and good governance by following the metric. The BAT-O-Meter empowers people to hold leaders accountable and play an active role in building a stronger, prosperous future together.


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