Why Tinubu Should Have Waited 6 Months Before Ending Fuel Subsidy – Prof. Itse Sagay (SAN)

Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Professor Itse Sagay

Renowned legal expert, Prof Itse Sagay, believes President Bola Tinubu acted hastily in removing fuel subsidies shortly after taking office. He claims a wait for 6 more months would have allowed time to increase domestic production and ease the transition.

The senior advocate of Nigeria in a discussion aired on Channels Television said, “Petrol is critical to our lives. Costs of living have increased and basic items are now more expensive. I think we could have continued subsidies for another six months as internal production expanded. Then they could be removed more smoothly.”

Sagay, who was formerly chairman of the Presidential Advisory Committee Against Corruption (PACAC), said the abrupt ending of subsidies triggered the hardship that could have been avoided with careful timing. Pointing to Dangote’s Refinery and other projects coming online.

While acknowledging Nigerians’ current struggles, he expressed confidence in the administration’s expertise, according to him, “They know what they are doing. I have faith they will ease pressures over time and improve conditions beyond where we are now.”

Costs of basic food items recently went off charts across Nigeria, amid other issues, leading to major protests in Minna, Kano and Osun State as inflation effects bites harder on Nigerians. This has since sparked debates regarding the present administration’s economic policies and competence

In response, President Tinubu this week, ordered emergency relief food items as a temporary measure as officials work on sound measures to tackle the economic challenges


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