Video: Can your Dog wear Face Mask during covid 19 Lockdown?


Can your Dog wear Face Mask during covid 19 Lockdown?

Vladimir Putin, president of Russia, says he would work remotely after shaking hands with a doctor who tested positive for the coronavirus.

Denis Protsenko, who heads the country’s main coronavirus hospital said he tested positive for the disease, but that he feels well.

“I have tested positive, But I feel fine,” Protsenko said.

“I’ve isolated myself in my office, where everything is in place for remote work, management and telemedicine consultations,” Protsenko wrote. “I think the immunity that I’ve built up over this month is doing its work….stay tuned.”

The Russian president had met the doctor in Kommunarka hospital in Moscow on March 24 and they shook hands.

Dmitry Peskov, press secretary to Putin, said the president is regularly tested and he is fine.

“The president prefers these days to work remotely,” Peskov said.

“We are taking all precautionary measures. All of those who were with the president at Kommunarka are being tested daily for the coronavirus,”

The spokesman added that Putin was at the presidential residence in Novo-Ogaryovo outside Moscow.

Russia has recorded a total of 2,777 cases of COVID-19 and 24 deaths


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