US Unveils Educational and Cultural Programs in Lagos


The United States has launched three culture and education programmes in Nigeria.

Assistant Secretary for Culture and Education at the Department of State, Lee Satterfield, made this known at the University of Lagos on Wednesday where she made a foreign policy statement on the new programmes.

Her visit was a follow-up to Presiden Joe Biden’s meeting with African leaders in Washington DC 2022 and the visit of US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, who was in Nigeria earlier in January.

Satterfield announced the launch of the African Creative Initiative in TV, American Music Mentorship Programme for those in the creative sector, Community College Initiative, where four Nigerian students would be enrolled into a community college in the United States.

She also announced the launch of the Window of America in UNILAG, where students can get information on studying in America, the process, education counselling, among others.

Satterfield said, “It was impotant for me to come back and talk about expanding oppoertunities between our two countries in education and culture and I mentioned three new programmes we are launching today; that there are economies for Nigerians in the creative econony sector. We see that as an amazing way to grow because of what we’ve seen all over the world.”

On the proposed start date for the programme, she said “It’s going to happen in the Year 2024. So, very soon.”

Source: Channels


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