Troops kill top Boko Haram commanders


The Nigerian Army has announced in a statement posted on the Army Facebook page on Tuesday night,that a fierce battle between troops and Boko Haram terrorists led to the death of top sect commanders.

It recalled that Boko Haram had launched a failed attack on troops’ locations at Banki Junction and Response Area Firgi, of the 7 Division Strike Group.

Army listed some of the commanders that were killed as Manzar Halid, Amir Abu Fatima, Nicap among others.

The high-ranking insurgents were loyal to the Abubakar Shekau’s faction of Boko Haram.

The statement said seventy two members were also eliminated during the operation.

“Many others were injured, including some high profile commanders and fighters like Abu Jamratu AL-Naweer, Kaka Bana and Tareta Babakari,” it said.

A large number of equipment, including gun trucks, motorcycles and bicycles were destroyed by troops in collaboration with the Air Task Force.

Source: Daily Post


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