Titcombe College Alumni Unveils 5KVA Hybrid Inverter, 4,800W Solar Panel System, Commemorates 30th Anniversary


The alumni association of Titcombe College, Egbe, Kogi State 1988/93 set has concluded arrangements to commemorate it’s 30th anniversary of graduating from the school.

The event holding on Friday 18th and Saturday 19th August 2023 promises to draw participating set members from across Nigeria. There shall also be participants from current students and members of staff.

President of the association, Engr. Babatunde Aina has enjoined all members of the set to participate in the anniversary which also features a reunion and gala night which is the second of it’s kind since the association was formed.

“I am using this opportunity to enjoin us all to participate in this important event which shall bring us all together again after 30 years,” he said .

Aina continued that, “This is not just another reunion but an epic one signifying a full generation. It can only come once and therefore I enjoin us to stand up to be counted.”

He however did not fail to realise that some members may be unavoidably absent at the event but encouraged such members to pray for the success of the event and also endeavour to join the online session via zoom.

To ensure the success of the event, the alumni has put in place various committees to oversee different activities and departments.

Highlight of the event shall be the commissioning of a
5KVA Hybrid Inverter, 4,800W Solar Panel System to power the school’s CBT Centre and the administrative block of the school.

“Few years ago, we  created a purse in which we contribute our widow’s mite regularly to give back in project to our Alma Mata,” Aina said, stating further that, “With God’s help who has enabled us to be trained at Titcombe College and who has given us means, we were able to contribute towards this project.

“During our last reunion a few years ago, we unveiled a new fabricated gate for the school to add to the beauty of the institution adjudged to be one of the best in the old Kwara State and we are grateful to God for the encouragement we have got to move on in giving back,” he said.

Stating further on slated activities to mark the anniversary, Aina said there shall be a medical outreach on the 19th.

“There shall be a free medical outreach to include medical check-up (checking of vitals), donation of drugs, provisions, and sanitary materials to people of Egbe, especially in-patients at the ECWA hospital  which is a sister institution with Titcombe College.
This activity will hold *immediately* after the project commissioning on Saturday, 19th August,” he explained.

Aina however concluded that, “There shall be a gala night on same Saturday the 19th  during which members would interact and catch up. Some of us would be meeting again after decades and it promises to be fun.”

Titcombe College, Egbe was founded in 1951 by missionaries of the defunct Sudan Interior Mission (SIM) which later metamorphosed into the Evangelical Church of West Africa (ECWA).

The Canadian missionaries led by Reverend Tommy Titcombe also established the phenomenal ECWA Hospital which is among the best health institutions in the northern Nigeria today.

The missionaries also carried out many evangelical operations that gave birth to many churches which have since multiplied across Nigeria and waxing strong.


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