The North has the right to state the conditions under which it will continue to stay in Nigeria. Th e South has the right to state its own terms.
The South insists on restructuring which includes state police, regional armies, regional customs and immigration.
It must be reiterated that no useful purpose is served when stakeholders issue threats or arrogate to themselves power to determine who occupies the highest position in the land or not.
The communique pretended to advocate one United, just and equitable nation but we notice the loud silence on the unprecedented kidnapping, bringandage, forceful occupation of farm lands and destruction of communities in the southern parts of the country, condemnation of the activities of the bandits and kidnappers in the South parts of the country .
Would the Northern People’s summit expound on equitable representation of the South in the headship of the country’s security, intelligence, paramilitary and other national institutions?
We notice the threats against Southerners in the North.
We in the South are not helpless as we were in 1966. The North may find that it is weaker in 2021 than it was in 1966.

The time has come for an all inclusive national dialogue of all stakeholders and nationalities.
We should not be inhibited by past failures and half measures. A clean state presents itself. Let us put our imprint on it. Eminent, detribalised personalities across the country should seize the initiative to bring all parties to a dialogue.

Abagun Kole Omololu is the Convener, Conscience of Yoruba Nation Forum and National Organising Secretary of Afenifere.


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