Stakeholders seek alternative feed options for livestock  as climate change threatens food production


Stakeholders have urged the Federal Government to parley with the Private sector to identify alternative sources of high-nutrient feed options  for livestock production.
According to them, the increasing demand for protein has increased pressure on the livestock industry to maximize production.
 They  spoke  at the Multi-Stakeholder Platform (MSP) Forum on Feed and Fodder hosted by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security and the African Union African Animal Resources Agency (AU-IBAR) in Abuja.

In his presentation, the  Managing Director of Sebore Group, Aminu Murtala Nyako,highlighted that the livestock industry has been grappling with the challenge of fluctuating feed prices, affecting production costs. This, he highlighted, necessitated the need to explore ng alternative feeds and fodders to address the escalating costs of livestock rearing.
Nyako pointed out that boosting fodder production is essential to reduce  dependence on imported ingredients and minimize feeding costs.
 According to him, Sebore farms employs innovation, technology, and relationships with dairy farmers to provide consumers with high-quality dairy products made from high-quality raw milk sourced from Adamawa’s magnificent natural environment, while also creating a massive market for local dairy farmers, ultimately creating wealth, alleviating poverty, and establishing an incentivized system that provides.
Launched in 1982, he  said Sabore International Farms focuses primarily on dairy, horticulture, and agricultural extension services.

At present, he indicated that the farm collects  milk from over 6000 dairy farmers on a daily basis.

 This, according to him,  ensures a consistent supply of milk from the local community.

He further highlighted that the  supply guarantees economic stability for the farmers, providing them with a reliable source of income and access to financial resources.
The Chairman  Eurobase Consult, Don Ekesiobi, stated that the company is assisting dairy farmers in expanding fodder production through the use of hydroponic technology.
By utilizing hydroponics, he  said  farmers  are able tocreate nutritious feeds for their dairy and fattening programs.
Emphasizing the importance of long-term strategic planning, Ekesiobi highlighted that the livestock industry in Nigeria has faced supply shocks and disruptions challenges .

He stated that the aim of the organization is to transform the livestock industry into a  technology-driven  sector. To achieve this goal, he highlighted the company’s efforts to encourage the integration of technology and innovative practices into  the  sector. The initiative, according to him, would boost resilience and productivity, ultimately resulting in higher yields and better business sustainability for farmers.
Nigeria became  the 4th Country to Launch a MSP to help address issues in the Feed and Fodder Sector.

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