Skill Builders’ Academy promotes skills’ acquisition in children.



An Ilorin, Kwara State based primary school, Skill Builders Academy is currently giving priority to skills training and development in young school children as co-curricular efforts with the aim of ensuring that in the near future such individuals would be capable of meaningful self- employment, especially as white collar jobs become difficult to acquire.

In an interview with our correspondent the Proprietor of the institution of lower learning who is also a seasoned educationist, Mr Abdul Dan’Azumi said the school was founded bearing in mind the hardships graduates face in acquiring jobs after several years of education from primary to tertiary levels.

According to him, a major problem that had plagued the education sector in Nigeria was the total concentration of schools’ educational curricular on theoretical learning with little or no emphasis on practical teaching which normally would be more beneficial to the upliftment of the child.

He urged the determinants of the direction of the education sector in Nigeria to further promote skills training and acquisition by young children as a way of preparing them for a future of fruitfulness and self-dependence.



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