Shell Resumes Supply to Port Harcourt Refinery After 5 Years, Deposits 475,000 Barrels Of Crude Oil

Portharcourt Refinery is one of the Four Federal Government owned refineries that has been moribund for years

Shell has resumed crude oil shipments to Nigeria’s Port Harcourt Refinery after a 5-year suspension, helping advance federal government aims to boost domestic refining capacity.

Shell’s Bonny Oil and Gas Terminal (BOGT) delivered over 475,000 barrels of crude last week to the state-owned facility. Shell Nigeria head, Osagie Okunbor called it a significant milestone in “renewed efforts to utilize key infrastructures” and supply products locally.

Before the resumption, extensive works were conducted on PHRC’s supply pipeline along with repairs to BOGT’s export pumps. To ensure safe, integrity enabled completion with no environmental or equipment harms, Bonny Terminal Installation Manager, Osita Nnajiofor, said.

Future volumes will align with Port Harcourt’s processing demands. But the restored shipments signify meaningful progress for the nation’s underperforming downstream sector.

Nigeria’s refineries have suffered major declines, operating far below capacity for over a decade. This spurred it’s heavy reliance on imported gasoline and diesel despite being Africa’s largest crude producer.

Successive governments before two present have sought to get the struggling plants back online amid global price fluctuations and supply uncertainties

Current President Bola Tinubu has made this a key priority. The state oil firm NNPC acquired full ownership of Port Harcourt and two other refineries last year to expedite it’s rehabilitation efforts.

Now Shell’s re-engagement offers fresh hope of utilizing domestic oil supply to serve Nigerian energy needs. It is expected that Stable production would help ease price pressures and shortages while reducing heavy reliance of imports


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