See Why’ Pope Francis Will be staying in Rome for days

FILE - Pope Francis arrives to attend his weekly general audience in the Paul VI Hall at the Vatican, on Jan. 26, 2022. The Vatican has on Saturday, March 19 released the document laying out Pope Francis’ long-awaited reform of the Holy See bureaucracy. The 54-page text, entitled “Praedicate Evanglium,” or “Proclaiming the Gospel,” replaces the founding constitution “Pastor Bonus” penned by St. John Paul II in 1988. (AP Photo/Alessandra Tarantino, File)

Pope Francis is set to have an operation for an abdominal hernia at a hospital in Rome where he will be staying for several days.

The Pope is expected to undergo surgery at the Vatican due to the hernia causing his recurring and worsening symptoms. The 86-year-old Pope, who underwent colon surgery last year, had a brief visit to Gemelli hospital in Rome on Tuesday for clinical tests.

According to Matteo Bruni, the Vatican’s spokesperson, Pope Francis will have a laparotomy, which is a surgical incision into the abdominal cavity, in the early afternoon while under general anesthesia. The Vatican has stated that the Pope will stay at the hospital for several days to ensure a normal post-operative course and full functional recovery.

Over the past year, the Pope has faced a number of health issues that have caused concern. He underwent surgery at Gemelli last year for diverticulitis, which is an inflammation of pockets in the intestine lining. Furthermore, he was hospitalised for three nights in March with bronchitis, which was treated with antibiotics.


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