Rwanda joins the rank of Gambia, others in visa free entry policy for Africans


Rwanda’s President, Paul Kagame has implemented a policy of visa-free travel for all Africans on Thursday.

As the fourth African President to do so, kagame said that any African can travel to Rwanda without incurring any entry fees, aiming to tap into Africa’s burgeoning tourism sector, as a result of the expanding middle class.

Rwanda, which have been actively promoting its tourism industry by forming partnerships with football clubs like Arsenal, Bayern Munich to showcase the country as a desirable tourist destination, now joins the ranks of Seychelles, The Gambia, and Benin as one of the few African countries providing visa-free entry for all African citizens.

Also, Kenya’s President William Ruto declared recently that the country plans to eliminate visa requirements for all African visitors by 2024, this is to further open the doors to African travelers.

Other African nations like Ghana, South Africa, as well as Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo have entered into bilateral agreements to facilitate visa-free travel.


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