Salary Arrears Offset:

The Kwara State Government recently embarked on a statewide offset of salary arrears to workers in tertiary institutions. This has put paid to insinuations by certain close door rumour mongers that the state government had been insensitive to workers’ plight by delays in payment of salaries and other entitlements. The office of the Governor had severally made it clear that it had no intention of delaying workers’ salaries even in the face of funds’ scarcity and would continue to do its best towards ensuring that the working populace get their entitlements as and when due.

Reacting to this, the Committee of Unions in Tertiary Institutions(CUTI) recently commended the State Governor Abdulfatah Ahmed. 







N50million Bursary Award to Indigenous Students:

Despite the very harsh economic climate nationwide, the state government still strived to extend it’s hand of magnanimity to indigenous students by the award of a whooping N50million to cater for bursary for indigenous students in tertiary institutions nationwide. The first beneficiaries of the largesse are students of the state College of Education and by its extension, no fewer than 1.5million students nationwide would benefit from the opportunity.





N257million Maigida Solider Mass Transit Scheme:

To finally ameliorate the sufferings of indigènes on transportation, the state has purchased about 10 state of the art mass transit buses which make up the first set of vehicles for the scheme which is expected to cover all nooks and crannies of the state metropolis.






First Indigenous Aircraft bearing Motorcar Engine:

This is the first in Africa modelled by the students of the Kwara State owned International Aviation College, Ilorin. Majority of its parts are to be locally sourced and its production is intended to involve a wide range of indigenous hands.


The ‘Light Up Kwara’ Project:

This comprises of a 74.58km streetlight project for the Ilorin metropolis recently commissioned by the Governor Ahmed administration to add to landscape beauty and openness.




Accelerated Internally Generated Revenue:

The establishment of the Kwara State Internal Revenue Service and its charge on accelerated revenue generation through improved technologies of tax collection,  administration and utilisation has enabled the government of the day embark on development projects in the face of dwindling federal allocation and depleted national income. The government at several fora had told the populace that there was no magic for the seen developments but the accruals of taxes and other bills paid by the people of the state.

And by these and others, who claims its not good in Kwara ?



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