NGE President Pledges to Advance press freedom, integrity of guild in Nigeria


In a bid to further the cause of journalism, newly elected President of the Nigerian Guild of Editors (NGE), Eze Anaba, has extended a hand of fellowship to fellow contestants.

Anaba made this known in his victory speech shortly after he was announced as the winner for the post of guild president at NGE’s 2023 biennial convention which took place in Owerri, Imo State.

In his speech, Anaba expressed his gratitude towards his fellow members for electing him, saying, “I would like to thank you all for this enormous privilege and honour. I am so humbled that you have put your trust in me to lead our Guild at this challenging time.”

Anaba, who gathered a total of 250 votes to defeat his opponent, who got 81 votes, congratulated other members of the executive committee who were elected, “Let me pay tribute to my fellow candidate, for a hard-fought campaign. We clearly disagreed on a number of things he may have said during the campaign. Nonetheless, I wish him well and the very best of luck in the future.” he said

While appreciating the outgoing president for his leadership and shaping the direction for the Guild, Anaba said “I am in no doubt as to what my election means. In the course of the campaign we have just had, I set out a 5-point agenda that I believe our Guild needs to build on past successes and accomplishments. I promise to deliver on my 5-point agenda,”

The Guild president spoke about his vision for the future of journalism, according to him, “my election is a mandate to advance the integrity and authority of our Guild and influence debate on press and broadcasting freedom, ethics and the culture and business of news media.”

Anaba made it clear that his primary focus would be towards ensuring the empowerment of editors and other journalists. “I believe there is an even greater obligation on us, on me, to ensure the empowerment of editors and other journalists through supporting and encouraging training of editors and other journalists from across the country,” he said.

He also emphasised on the necessary reforms of outdated media laws that tend to undermine media freedom, and the operations of media houses in Nigeria. He added that he would try to enhance the relationship between the Guild and public agencies, regional and international stakeholders, partners and donors.

Harping on the need to protect the interests and operations of broadcast and print media houses, he stated that he would strengthen the capacity of the Guild to provide legal support to members who may face any legal threat, harassment and intimidation.

“From talking to you, from meeting you, from hearing your concerns over the past few months, I am clear as to the direction that I believe we wish to go, and I will do everything to work with all of you to achieve our Guild’s vision and mission,” he promised


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