Motorists take on repairs of damaged Akute-Ajuwon Road, call for Ogun State Government intervention


Commercial motorists plying the Ajuwon-Akute road, Ifo local government area of Ogun State as ‘korope’ drivers, shelved their business on Tuesday, 12th December to repair the damaged road. This followed its worsened state after recent torrential rainfalls.

The condition of the road-an eyesore-especially along Access bank bus stop had made it inaccessible for pedestrians and vehicle operators as it had consistently continued to worsen, damaging the source of livelihood of the motorists and their vehicles.

Aboy, a driver plying the road, who also initiated the repair shared that he had to take on the repairs as the flood kept damaging his engine for which he had to seek money for repairs.

“I need to find money then repair my engine, yet after repairing, the flood is still there, when my vehicle gets repaired and it is still this road I put it on, it will get damaged again, and that is why I came here today to work on the roads and open the gutters, so it can flow, and I got others to join me in the task”, he said.

For Tunde, whose work as a P.O.S operator had been hindered by the flood, the rainfall had been responsible for low patronage by his customers as, according to him, “when rainfalls, there will be nowhere for customers to cross and transact business so when the rain falls I have to close my shop and go home. It is very disturbing, we need the government to come and do something on this road, it is very bad”.

The community is appealing to the Ogun State Government to address the poor roads even after it concluded similar project on the Alagbole-Akute road recently during which it also assessed the Ajuwon-Akute road for a repair.


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