Kenya politics: Authority defies order to lift ban


Kenyan authorities have defied a court order asking for lifting of the ban on NTV Kenya and two other private television channels.

The Three channels were turned off by the Kenyan Authorities as they were accused of covering opposition leader Raila Odinga’s symbolic presidential inauguration.

NTV Kenya, three of whose journalists said they had spent the night in their newsroom in fear of arrest, added that the privately owned broadcasters were expected back on air after the High Court ruling.

One of the NTV journalist Larry Madowo also noted that the occurrence is similar to a dictatorship-era the country earlier experienced. He said ‘’It’s a return to a repressive period we had forgotten about,”

Meanwhile, the shutdown which was unprecedented in Kenya’s democratic era has prompted fierce public criticism and raised fears that the country was reverting to the censorship that characterized decades of repressive one-party rule under strongman Daniel Arap Moi.

A report says the court’s decision to suspend the shutdown for two weeks while a case challenging the legality of the government’s action is heard will boost the newly-independent judiciary’s image in East Africa’s regional powerhouse and wealthiest economy.





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