“I Won’t Set Price Controls” – Tinubu Orders Crackdown on Food Hoarding Instead


President Bola Tinubu has ruled out establishing pricing boards to control spiraling costs of food, saying his administration would rather target those hoarding food and worsening the economy

“I will not set a price control board or approve the importation of food” Tinubu declared Tuesday after directing security agencies to inspect reported warehouses that are illegally stockpiling food.

He insisted Nigeria must “extricate ourselves from this predicament because importation only enables rent seekers to perpetrate fraud and mismanage at our collective expense”

With insecurity hindering domestic crop outputs, Tinubu aims to support farmers with schemes to boost production and stabilize markets naturally.

“We must support our farmers with schemes that encourage them to cultivate more food for the nation,” he stated while also advancing the need for livestock development

“I have approved a committee to explore establishing state police,” he said, adding that “My stance is unequivocal: we must move aggressively to examine the issues raised.”

However, Tinubu still pressed governors to keep citizens’ welfare and prosperity central in their development programs. He vowed that his administration will work more diligently to improve the revenue profile of the Nation


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