I speak for millions, victims of your misgovernance’ – Atiku fires back at Buhari


The 2019 presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Atiku Abubakar, has stated that he will keep speaking for millions of Nigerians who are victims of President Muhammadu Buhari’s misrule.

Buhari’s Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina, had described Atiku’s swift reaction to the allegation of secret burial of 1,000 Nigerian soldiers in unmarked graves, by Wall Street Journal as a ploy to influence judicial decision in his ongoing challenge of President’s election, “because he’s blinded by unbridled ambition.”

Adesina, in a statement titled, “Atiku’s Unrelenting Appeal to Emotion: A Gambit Doomed to Fail,” alleged that Atiku was merely appealing to emotion in a bid to whip up sentiment and influence the decision of the judiciary on his petition before the Presidential Appeal Tribunal.

Reacting, the former Vice President charged Buhari to address concrete issues of misgovernment and the devastation his administration has caused Nigerians.

In a statement signed by his spokesperson, Paul Ibe, on Sunday, the former PDP presidential candidate reiterated his resolve to continue “to stand up and speak for millions of countrymen and women who have become victims of his (Buhari’s) misrule and grand cluelessness.”

He called on the President to stop intimidation and campaign of calumny against the judiciary and opposition elements.

The statement reads: “Like it is typical of General Buhari and his handlers, they didn’t make any comment about the scary statistics coming from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). Perhaps, one reason they didn’t want to comment on the report is because it is factual – Nigerians in the past four years indeed live in multi-dimensional poverty.

“Quite regrettably, too, the administration has been groping in the dark since 2015, the reason majority of Nigerians decided not to reward their failures during the February 23 presidential poll, consequently, leading to the heist that characterised the conduct of that poll.

“The other plausible reason they didn’t deem it fit to respond to the report is because Atiku Abubakar has yet to make a remark on the report.

“If the only reason why the Buhari administration will react to the affliction it has brought on Nigerians is for Atiku to call the nation’s attention to how bad things have gone in the country under the slumber of General Buhari, Atiku will more than always be ready to stand and speak up for the millions of countrymen and women, who have become victims of his (Buhari’s) misrule and grand cluelessness.

“A Commander-in-Chief, who fits the bill, will not act unconstrained about reports from a reputable media organisation on welfare and wellbeing of troops at the frontline of combat. Shamefully, however, up till this moment, the Buhari administration won’t cause even a blinker on the damning report.

“Like is the case with other dysfunctional aspects of the system, his (Buhari’s) administration prefers to live in denial, relying on propaganda – the only machine that they know how to operate without a glitch.

“We need to restate that Atiku Abubakar respects the practical purpose of the judiciary as an arm of government saddled with the responsibility of dispensing justice.

“Therefore, for the Buhari administration to call out the judiciary on how they might choose to do their job is not only an emotional blackmail to the bench, it is also very disrespectful to the integrity of the honourable justices of the court of law.”

Source: Daily post.


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