GOV BASSEY OTU’s ₦5 BILLION RENOVATIONS: sifting the facts from rumors, by Gnarly Eyo


A certain mischief is behind the feeling that N3-5 billion naira is too much for the renovation of the Governor’s Office, and State Liaison Offices.

Before you jump to a conclusion, please do proper fact-finding. You have the right to inspect the aforementioned properties. Consider its condition and tell me whether or not the Governor is justified to demand their revamping.

Cross Riverians are known for being neat and organized and cannot function in an untidy space. Gumptiously speaking, that would be a turn-off for potential investors. Besides, Governor Otu inherited nothing- an empty treasury, not even furniture or window blinds. Everywhere is empty and of course, getting the right furnishing befitting of the Governor’s Office and residence is expensive. No question about that.

Instead of crucifying the Governor, we should applaud him for his empathy. We should shift the blame to the doorstep of those who deserve it. Governor Otu has shown stellar leadership in his first 100 days in office.

A man like him, known for empathy can never hurt his people. It may delight you to know that Governor Otu still identifies with the have-nots and the bond he shares with them to this day remains incomprehensible to his detractors.

It is worthy of note that Governor Bassey Otu of Cross River State ranks among the top three in the list of performing Governors, topping the likes of Babagana Zulum of Borno State and Alex Otti of Abia State through the prism of governance, planning, policy formulation, and execution.

Speaking of security, it is worth mentioning that Cross River now ranks as the safest state in Nigeria as the bandits who caused civil unrest in Akpabuyo, Bakassi, Ikom, and Calabar South regions have been extirpated by Governor Otu. Also, many indigenes who left the state due to issues related to insecurity have come home. It is necessary to mention that kidnappers have all fled Cross River State ever since the government recently acquired technology capable of tracking their respective locations.

As a farmer, Otu remains undeterred and firm in his resolve to lift Cross Riverians out of poverty and has provided a conducive environment for farmers to thrive in Cross River State. Concessional loans have been given to farmers across local government areas.

The recent allocation of one hundred thousand hectares of land for cassava farming and another one hundred thousand hectares of land for rice cultivation by the Governor gives credence to his willingness to tackle the twin monsters of poverty and hunger.

Also, note that within the past three months, Otu has magically attracted Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) to Cross River State worth up to €2.5 billion. Also, Otu closed a private-sector oil palm investment deal of $15 million within 100 days in office. Such strides can only be motivated by inexplicable empathy for Cross Riverians and a strong desire to succeed against all odds notwithstanding the paucity of funds caused by dwindling allocation from the center, past mismanagement of resources, ad infinitum.

We must commend our humanitarian Governor, who is hellbent on making a difference and prioritizing the interest of Cross Riverians in the teeth of serious opposition for thinking outside the box.

GOVERNOR BASSEY OTU is the answer to real change in Cross River State.

Gnarly Eyo
Writer, Public Speaker and Activist.


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