Video: Gospel Minister, Poet writes, launches book on accessing benefits of God’s presence on daily basis


A new book intended to serve as a guide to accessing the Lord’s presence and directions has been published by a Nigerian Writer and Poet, Benedict Olufemi Oluwafemi.

The book’s digital version is now available for pre-order on Selar and Amazon and is titled: “Ministering to the Lord: Accessing Benefits in His Presence Daily.

To enjoy a special pre-order discount, buyers can click on the link below:

According to Oluwafemi, the book walks the reader through proven steps that can be relied on to gain access to the benefits the Lord has for them on a daily basis.
“In order to be aligned with God and tap into the benefits of His loving-kindness, people need a guide that explains the stepwise process of ministering to the Lord, and that is exactly the purpose this new book serves”, he added.
The book will be available soon for physical distribution in paperback format in Nigeria and will also be available on Amazon.

Oluwafemi started his writing career as a Features’ Writer at the Daily Sketch of Nigeria. He has had a successful career spanning 34 years across several industries, including journalism, aviation, marketing communications, channel management, trade marketing, and telecommunications. He holds a Masters’ degree in Business Administration, a postgraduate Diploma of the University of Liverpool in Global Marketing, and a first degree in Political Science.


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