Gas May Sell at N18,000 Per 12.5kg by December – Marketers warn


Marketers have raised alarm on the likelihood of a 42 % increase in the price of LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas) from current price N10,500 per 12.5kg to N18,000 by December. This follows a continuous hike in cost of gas

Basssey Essien, the executive Secretary, Nigeria Association of Liquified Petroleum Gas Marketers (NALPGAM) disclosed on Monday, that the incessant hike in international price of LPG presents marketers with a challenge to keep at business, as price per tonne of gas multiplies with each sale of consignment, such that some marketers have to seeks loans to replenish their stock.

While weighing on the plight of Nigerians who must purchase gas for cooking at the spiked prices, Essien shared that marketers are not to blame as they only sell what they buy. According to him, “Within the period of one month, the price of gas was at 10 million for 20 metric tonnes, few days after, it went to 12.8 million for 20 metric tonnes because of a 28% increase in international price”

“Last week we got it at 14 million for 20 metric tonnes”he said, adding that the issue was no fault of plant owners as they also buy directly from the sources, Bassey called in the government to address the issue, as the average Nigerian is at the receiving end.

According to him, despite the government’s concern to provide relief through palliatives for average Nigerians, gas remains an essential commodity in the country, with which the palliatives the government distributes to Nigerians will be cooked

While he applauded the efforts of the Federal Government in putting structures in place to help the sector, he attributed the continued issues to ‘deliberate orchestrations by some people to frustrate government’s efforts’.

Bassie equally called on the government to sell directly and cut off middle men, since there are enough marketers in the sector, as a measure to address the hike.


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