US President, Donald Trump has threatened to impose tariffs against the European Union and China, he made the threat while speaking at a meeting with fisheries representatives in Bangor, Maine, on Friday and the President instructed Peter Navarro, his hawkish trade advisor, to look into punitive tariffs on European Union cars and on Chinese products.

This is in retaliation for duties imposed on imports of US lobster.

Trump further explained to the lobster industry representatives that the European Union has to drop its tariffs “immediately.”

H said, “If they don’t change, we’re going to put a tariff on their cars and they’ll change right away.”

He called Brussels “almost as bad over the years as China in terms of trade,” insisting that the tariff would be “equivalent-plus.”

The President asked Navarro to also look at China and find “something they sell that’s very precious to them” which could then be counter-tariffed.

“Pick a product, a corresponding-plus if they don’t drop the tariff for Maine lobster going into China.null

“It’s very simple. All you do is say, that’s OK, keep charging us: we’re going to charge you a corresponding,” he threatened.

Source: Daily Post


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