Cleric Releases New Book on Attaining God’s Power for Business


Pastor Femi Oluwafemi has launched his latest book, “Lay A Hold On The Power God Wants You To Have For Your Christian Business.” The book aims to help Christian business owners carry out self-assessment to gain the spiritual power needed to fulfill their calling and assignment in business.

The, according to the clergy, tackles questions such as “How much power would you say you have attained on your journey towards the mark the Lord has set for you in business?” According to the author, no one can fulfill God’s plans without first acquiring the necessary spiritual power.

Each chapter comes with reflection questions and prayer points to aid readers in better understanding the specific types of power required, obstacles that inhibit them, and presenting requests to God.

The book is primarily targeted at Christians called by God into business, those seeking to achieve destiny goals set for them, and ministers helping prepare people for their business calling.

“Lay A Hold On The Power God Wants You To Have For Your Christian Business” is Pastor Oluwafemi’s third published book. It is now available in ebook and paperback format on Amazon and as a PDF download on Selar.

Link for Amazon Purchases – (ebook & Paperback)

Link to download on Selar (PDF file)


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