CJN to receive N5.39m Monthly Pay as Reps Passes Judicial Salaries Bill


The House of Representatives has given the green light to a bill aimed at enhancing remuneration packages of judicial officials throughout Nigeria. The bill, championed by President Bola Tinubu and presented to the legislative body, outlines substantial adjustments in the monthly salaries of key positions within the judiciary.

According to the newly passed Act, the Chief Justice of Nigeria is slated to receive a robust monthly package totaling N5.39 million. Justices of the Supreme Court will now enjoy a total package of N4.21 million each month, while the President of the Court of Appeal is set to receive N4.48 million monthly.

Moreover, the bill extends its provisions to encompass positions like justices of the Court of Appeal, whose monthly earnings will witness an increase to N3.73 million. The Chief Judge of the Federal High Court and the President of the National Industrial Court will now command a total monthly package of N3.53 million.

The compensation package includes other components, covering basic salaries and various regular allowances relating to the duties of judicial officers. These allowances span diverse areas including car maintenance, personal assistance, entertainment, security, medicals, as well as service allowances, among others.

In addition to this, the bill also includes provisions for job-related allowances like leave allowances, duty tour allowances, and a substantial severance gratuity upon completion of a tenure, amounting to N80.78 million. The bill also introduces a motor vehicle loan, which must be settled before the officer’s tenure concludes.


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