CBN Re- Enacted Money Spraying Act and the way forward for Nigerian Indigenous Musicians, By AjikeOkin


When the news of arrest of popular crossdresser *Bobrisky* and businessman *Cubana Chief Priest* surfaced online for what different news site termed *Naira Abuse* some indigenous musicians in Nigeria have been having sleepless night because most indigenous musicians playing Juju, Fuji, Apala music etc are aware that money spraying is an agelong tradition dating over 60 years ago. They know that it is a culture whereby party goers shower their favorite musicians with money gift through spraying as a show of love for their musical virtuosity.Years back fans sprayed their favorite artistes money with so much *decorum* and *sophistication* . Popular billionaires some of whom were business moguls, socialites, etc who were the toast of popular musicians were gifted songs in exchange for monetary shower of love. Many of these songs have outlived generations today. As the world became advanced humans became more restless and in their bid to show off their wealth and generate a buzz ( popularity) around themselves they attend parties carrying bulk money and with total reckless abandonment lavishly throw money around away from the expected societal norm which has been discreetly done with integrity over the years. This lavish lifestyle has aroused the attention of the authorities and Nigerian public who have through their different social media platforms shown disgust in the lack of disregard for our legal tender. Aside the fact that this strange display of power show have made people question the profession of some of the perpetrators involved in this act it has also created a public nuisance of Nigeria’s Naira note at different public function.Some musicians today have been left in a state of *dysphoria* with the *re-enacted CBN act* which includes a term like *SPRAYING* . Some have been asking questions and searching the internet for the meaning of Spraying (lol) .Sometimes many believe government are *docile* and don’t take action but this time they have silently watched the *absurdity* of how the Naira according to them is being abused and mutilated through spraying and have re-enacted *section 21(3) of CBN act of 2007 which stipulates that spraying of , dancing or matching on the Naira or any note issued by the bank during social occasions or otherwise howsoever shall constitute an abuse and defacing of the Naira or such note and shall be punishable under the law by fines or imprisonment or both.* The question on the lips of most indigenous musicians who have quietly done their business with integrity without problem is that *WONT THIS RE-ENACTED CBN POLICY STIFLE THEIR BUSINESS and KILL THEIR agelong musical tradition.* In my own honest opinion I will advice as a way forward for Indigenous Musicians to *create Boxes* which will be kept at the band stand where money ( gift) will be dropped for them by their cherished fans. While on the other hand celebrants should make *pouches* which will be held by trusted hands to collect money while dancing. This for them should be seen as a form of musical evolution due to policies. *Ti elese ba njiya olododo apin ninu re ( when a sinner is being punished , the righteous will always be a partaker)*


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